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Revolutionizes digital engagement for the younger generation with the innovative 'Ricola Herbal Journey' app, blending herbal wisdom with interactive tech.

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Project overview

The project involved creating a application for Ricola. Aimed to engaging the younger audience and introducing them to Ricola's rich heritage, commitment to sustainability and product offerings. Our goal was to design an interactive experience that resonates with the values of health-conscious and environmentally aware individuals.

Design approach

In-depth research into Ricola's background revealed a company with a proud history dating back to 1930. Ricola is not just a confectionery brand but a symbol of Swiss heritage, natural ingredients and a commitment to sustainability. The company's dedication to using high-quality herbs, its innovative cultivation practices and its environmental stewardship stood out. Ricola takes immense pride in its heritage, the Swiss mountains where its herbs are grown and its efforts in promoting eco-friendly practices.

  • Market Analysis: We began with an extensive analysis of current market trends, focusing on digital habits of younger consumers and their interactions with health and wellness apps.
  • User Behavior Study: Surveys and focus groups were conducted to understand the preferences and expectations of our target demographic from digital health products.

Creating the Persona

Based on our desktop research and internal interviews we crafted a persona named Jenny Sten, a 28-year-old student. Jenny values health, organization and the environment. Mirroring the target audience we aim to engage with the game. Her goals and frustrations were meticulously outlined to align the game's features with her expectations and to address the challenges she faces in finding authentic, sustainable and health-focused products.

Sketching the Solution for the Game Application

Our solution started taking shape with detailed sketches and brainstorming sessions. We envisioned a game that would not only be fun and engaging but also educational. The game would offer insights into Ricola's heritage, the importance of each herb in their products and their sustainable practices. Mini-games within the app like Herb Farming, Sustainable Practices Education and Swiss Culture and Heritage were designed to align with Jenny's goals and address her frustrations, providing a holistic brand experience.

Ricola Herbal Journey App

The final solution is an immersive game application that takes users on a journey through Ricola's world. Players grow and harvest herbs, learn about sustainable farming and explore Swiss culture. The game addresses users' desire for authenticity by providing factual information about Ricola's products and practices. It combats information overload with structured, easy-to-digest content and it helps users like Jenny balance their health and environmental values by showcasing Ricola's commitment to both. This solution not only meets our audience's needs but also aligns perfectly with Ricola's vision, presenting the brand's legacy and values in an interactive format.


The game application successfully bridged the gap between Ricola's esteemed heritage and the modern, environmentally-conscious generation. By immersing players in an engaging, informative world, the app fostered a deeper connection between the user and Ricola's brand ethos. Players not only learned about Ricola's commitment to quality and sustainability but also experienced it interactively. The persona of Jenny Sten proved to be an effective guide in aligning the app's features with the needs and values of our target audience. User feedback post-launch indicated a significant increase in brand awareness and a positive shift in perception, especially among the younger demographic.

  1. User-Centric Design: Crafting the persona based on thorough research was pivotal. It ensured that the app's design and content were tailored to the target audience's preferences, enhancing engagement and relevance.
  2. Balancing Education and Entertainment: Integrating educational content within an entertaining gaming format was challenging but rewarding. It emphasized the importance of presenting information in an interactive, digestible manner to maintain user interest and promote learning.
  3. Brand Alignment: The project highlighted the necessity of aligning the app's narrative and features with Ricola's brand values and vision. This alignment not only reinforced the brand's message but also enriched the user's journey through the application.

This project was a testament to the power of combining in-depth brand understanding with user-focused design. It underscored the importance of empathy in design, meticulous research, and the art of storytelling in creating an experience that resonates with users and amplifies the brand's core message.

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