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Hi, I'm Daniel, a seasoned Product Designer from Stockholm with roots in 3D design. My journey has evolved into creating user-centric products, blending my fascination with augmented reality and AI. I thrive in leading workshops , design sprints and bringing ideas to life.

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About me

Hey there, and thanks for checking my portfolio out! I'm a Product Designer with a rather unique twist - I was once a elite athlete, representing Sweden in kickboxing and Taekwondo. I even snagged a gold medal at the 2016 world championships of Kickboxing!

When I'm not designing you'll find me embracing new adventures, globe-trotting, enjoying quality time with my family or creating content on my latest experiences. I'm also passionate about spreading my knowledge in martial arts. I started my own club in Tyresö 2018. That's a little sneak peek into my world but I'm eager to learn about yours too. Don't hesitate to get in touch!


Caroline review picture
Caroline Pierrou
Chief Operating Officer
Nectarine Health

Daniel joined Nectarine Health in a very dynamic phase, when we were just about to implement the go-to-market strategy and introduce the brand new product to a defined market segment. Daniel made crucial contributions to the user interface and design, insights on end-user behavior and to the entire team by a collaborative approach.

Daniel is a positive force in solving problems and navigating complexity with a large portion of curiosity, and a very skilled UI/UX designer

Alexander Stefanidis recommendation
Alexander Eldblom Stefanidis
Senior Product Owner

I had the pleasure of working closely with Daniel, and I can confidently say that his impact on our product development was invaluable. Daniel possesses a great sense of UX design and a profound understanding of our customers' needs. His approach involves thorough customer interviews, enabling him to translate insights into compelling UX designs that seamlessly integrate with technical requirements.

Daniel stands out not only for his design expertise but also for his skillful facilitation of workshops. His workshops are not only structured and engaging but also enjoyable, consistently yielding valuable and tangible outcomes.

A true team player, Daniel is a highly appreciated colleague known for his genuine interest in people and positive mindset. His contributions extend beyond professional expertise, making a positive impact on both a personal and professional level. Daniel's dedication to our team's success is evident in every collaboration.

Magnus Berglund Review
Magnus Berglund
Instantpadle, Iapps & Berglundsgruppen

Daniel kan beskrivas som ambitiös, målmedveten och ödmjuk. Jag har haft turen att jobba med Daniel i olika projekt där han har varit en nyckelperson.

Han har med sitt analytiska och sociala förhållningssätt till andra människor lyckats skapa en bra stämning gentemot andra samtidigt som han har agerat professionellt vilket fått följd att samtliga mål uppnåtts.

Vajira recomendation
Vajira Kalupahana
QA Lead

The phrase 'The outstanding personality' came to my mind when I started writing about Daniel. He was ubiquitous throughout the organisation, always ready to lend a helping hand. His enthusiasm for improving the UI of the product added exceptional value to the customer experience. He consistently collaborated with cross-functional teams and demonstrated his innate leadership skills while facilitating workshops and other organisational events. He will be a valuable asset to any team he joins.

Al-Saad Chowdhury Review
Al-Saad Chowdhury
Product Business Development Manager Camanio

I have been working with Daniel in the product and innovation team. His remarkable creativity, software skills, and keen insight continually impressed me during our collaboration. He consistently demonstrates efficiency and meticulous preparation, ensuring every project and workshop is executed to perfection. As a UI/UX expert, he brings invaluable expertise and a strategic approach that significantly enhances project outcomes. I was inspired by his design sprint sessions for a new product which led to a fast prototype for a new app from scratch within only 3-4 days that allowed us to conduct user interviews!
His contributions to shaping our innovation framework have been pivotal in driving forward-thinking initiatives and improving our upstream product management process. Collaborating with Daniel has been both a pleasure and a privilege and I enthusiastically endorse him for any role where his skills and expertise are needed.

Jahongir review
Jahongir Mirzoey
sowelcome & Excellent Timing

I met Daniel several years ago when he was making his way up in Martial arts and by being very new to the sport anyone including me could see his dedication and will power to grow and succeed in anything he would put his mind on.

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