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Nectarine Health
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AI-based remote care technology empowering seniors to live more fully and independently at home, for longer.

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Project overview

In the era where aging in place is becoming increasingly preferred, Nectarine Health introduces its at-home remote care system. This system empowers seniors to enjoy life with independence and confidence in their own homes, without compromising their privacy or dignity. It's a modern twist on traditional elder care, blending the comforts of home with cutting-edge technology. This approach not only matches but potentially exceeds the care quality of assisted living facilities, at a more economical cost.

Nectarine Health is poised to penetrate the US Health Tech market. The objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry in the United States. This knowledge is crucial for identifying new opportunities and strategizing an effective entry into the American market.

Objectives of the project
  • Research and observe user behaviours: To understand the daily needs and challenges faced by seniors opting for at-home care.
  • Customer journey mapping: To chart the end-to-end experience of seniors and their caregivers, identifying key touchpoints for improvement.
  • Identifying market opportunities: To explore potential avenues for Nectarine Health’s expansion and innovation in the US healthcare market.

Strategic approach and empathetic understanding

The project kicked off with a comprehensive research plan. This step was crucial in establishing an overview of the project's scope, methodologies and objectives. It also served as a platform to align with stakeholders, ensuring a unified understanding of the project brief before delving into the initial research phase.

The Double Diamond design process model is a staple in my toolkit for project management. It facilitated a visual representation of the project's roadmap, assisting both me and the stakeholders in understanding the project's trajectory. This model combined with the research plan allowed for strategic planning of subsequent phases and clear communication of the rationale behind each step. This will ensure the stakeholders are aligned with the design thinking process.

The US healthcare industry is vast and competitive, yet ripe with potential for Nectarine Health's product. Especially in sectors like Memory Care, Home Health Care, Nursing Homes and Home Care. Recognizing subtle differences among these sectors, such as insurance coverage. I identified the most promising opportunities for Nectarine Health in the Home Care and Home Health Care segments.

To deepen my understanding, I organized all collected data from the diverging stage on a Miro board. This included researching potential partners to unearth opportunities and understand the variance in their organizational structures. Key aspects explored were the size of the organization, care focus, target users, main challenges and existing partnerships. This comprehensive data organization was instrumental in building empathy and crafting a user-centric strategy.

Developing personas for market entry

To effectively navigate the new market, I created several personas based on extensive research. These personas represented key actors and were essential in understanding organizational dynamics and optimal strategies for market penetration. Below are some examples of the personas developed, each encapsulating unique aspects and needs relevant to the market.

The customer journey was divided into two distinct stages
  • Journey to Nectarine Health: This phase focused on the preliminary steps before users begin utilizing the Nectarine Health device. It covered initial awareness, decision-making processes and preparatory actions.
  • Nectarine Health in action: This stage revolved around the actual usage of the product. To enhance the journey map's utility, I incorporated elements akin to an empathy map. These included sections for mindset and emotions, pain points, opportunities, insights and questions under each phase of the journey map. This approach provided a more holistic view of the customer experience, both in the Home Health Care and Home Care industries.

Conclusion and future directions

The research and analysis led to a consensus with stakeholders. The Home Care industry held the most potential for Nectarine Health's market entry. The next phase involves an in-depth examination of specific Home Care organizations. This will include understanding their internal communication structures and conducting a competitive analysis within and beyond our industry. This broader exploration aims to gather inspiration and formulate the most effective strategy for market entry.

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